Selling and Buying

Members Connect Twice with Our Sell and Buy Plan

Your members save thousands of dollars when they sell their present house and buy their next home using Smart Moves, while receiving the best professional representation.

How It Works

  1. Your member lists his or her home with an agent in our network for a 1.50% listing fee.
  2. As our client, they purchase a home, either new construction or a resale property using the same Smart Moves agent.
  3. When the Smart Moves agent receives a minimum $18,000 commission on the property your member purchases, they are rebated all the commission (1.5%) paid to CFR to sell their existing home. Since our special listing commission under this program drops to only $1 after the rebate, that’s the total listing fee they pay. Yes, you read it right, only $1.

NOTE: The commission the Smart Moves agent earns from the home purchase is paid by the seller of the home, not your member.

Let’s look at your member’s savings in this example:

On the Home Sale

Sale Price$ 500,000
CFR commission$ 7,500 (at 1.5%)
Client Loyalty Rebate$ 6,499
Total Listing Fee$ 1

On the Home Purchase

Purchase Price$ 600,000
CFR commission*$ 18,000 (at 3%)

*The CFR Commission is paid by the seller of the home they purchased, not your member, our client.

The commission paid to CFR in excess of $18,000 will be credited to the client to pay closing costs on their home purchase. The maximum closing cost credit is $2,000.

For more details, visit the member site here.