Buying a Home

The Home Purchase Rebate

Those who participate in Smart Moves can add to their personal wealth through this exciting rebate program. The size of the rebates is determined by the amount of the home sale price (see table below). Purchase rebates are paid by Client First and applied toward closing costs.

Our clients usually receive a standard cash rebate equal to 20% of our agent’s commission on a home purchase. But your members, using Smart Moves, receive an additional 5% Buyer’s Bonus Rebate.

Commission rebates by home sale price

Sale Price20% Rebate5% BonusTotal Rebate
$ 300,000$ 1,800$ 450$ 2,250
$ 400,000$ 2,400$ 600$ 3,000
$ 600,000$ 3,600$ 900$ 4,500
$ 750,000$ 4,500$ 1,125$ 5,625
$ 1,000,000$ 6,000$ 1,500$ 7,500
$1,500,000$ 9,000$ 2,250$ 11,250

As you can see, by participating in Smart Moves your members receive huge savings when they buy a new home. When they are ready to make a move and want great savings and best in class service, or want to know more, they can simply contact us.

Your member’s rebate is applied as an escrow credit to cover closing costs.

NOTE: The above examples are based upon your agent receiving a minimum commission of 3 percent of the sale price. You must use an assigned Client First Real Estate agent on your home purchase to receive a rebate through the Smart Moves Program.