Our National Real Estate Agent Network

Client First seeks the very best real estate agents to be part of our network. Our agents have been selected for their outstanding records of sales and performance. They have, on average, 23 years of full-time real estate sales and customer service experience. The minimum requirement to join our network is five years as a full-time, licensed realtor.

Many of our agents come from leading national firms and, where appropriate, regional and local real estate companies. They remain a part of our network only if they continuously receive high marks for performance based on feedback from the customers we serve.

When a client is ready to buy or sell a home, a simple phone call gets the buying process started. After we obtain all the necessary information from the client, we assign a real estate agent with extensive experience in the neighborhood where the client wishes to sell or purchase.

In addition, we assign a Personal Transaction Assistant who acts as an advocate for your client, tracks progress and is always available to answer questions.

It is important to remember that all participants must use an agent from our network to qualify for a rebate, since these agents return a portion of their commissions to make the rebates possible.