Program Features

Expect complete service and full support

  1. There is NO COST for this program to your Credit Union or its members.
  2. Smart Moves provides members who purchase homes rebates equal to 25% of our agent commission (it’s normally 20% under our other incentive programs).
  3. If a member has a home to sell, a Smart Moves agent will list their home for only a 1.5% commission, saving thousands of dollars.
  4. When a member wants to sell a home and buy another, and uses Smart Moves for both transactions, we will list their present home for only $1 and take a commission only from the seller of the home they purchase.
  5. Smart Moves is easy for members to use. And just a phone call or an email from your member gets the process started. There are no additional responsibilities for your employees.
  6. Smart Moves provides a Personal Transaction Assistant to assist members who buy or sell under this program, connecting them with their agent, providing progress reports and answering questions.
  7. We provide promotional materials, at no cost, to promote the program to members, including:
  • A promotional brochure for your lobby that promotes the benefits of the program
  • Signage for your lobby — either a poster or an electronic slide
  • A Smart Moves Member Web site that provides details about the savings and services they can expect, and contact information to get started. You can link to this site form your organization’s site
  • A letter to members outlining the benefits of the program
  • A newsletter article with details about the program